Easy-peasy C# based scripting environment for your everyday tasks

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What is HiveSharp?

Forget incomprehensible batch files or PowerShell scripts. HiveSharp is a scripting environment that allows you to write convenience scripts in C# and execute them from a simple graphical user interface that is integrated into Windows context menus, or even run scripts directly from Windows command line if it strikes your fancy.

Each script can contain multiple classes and methods, customizable with parameters. This provides more flexibility and static checking that command line arguments normally would with typical shell scripts. And instead of having to type those arguments in a console, you can use a handy graphical interface to do it. HiveSharp can introspect into the script and take cues from attributes you provide in order to display friendly names and descriptions of classes, methods and parameters that you use.

Script execution is driven by CSScript and Mono, powerful engines that compile C# code into modules behind the scenes to enable reflection and execution of any .NET 4.5 compatible code. The capabilities are therefore comparable to those of a conventional desktop .NET application.

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